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Mihai Gavan, Global Sales Director Charisma HCM, TotalSoftMihai Gavan, Global Sales Director Charisma HCM In this technologically evolving world, the HR department is in an intense race to digitalize its processes—from responding to employee queries to recruiting employees and editing contracts to submitting them electronically. Consequently, companies are scouring the globe for robust solutions to facilitate this digitalization of the HR processes. Fulfilling this urgent requirement is Romania-based TotalSoft, which provides highly configurable employee management software solutions through its Charisma HCM (Human Capital Management) to streamline and simplify the HR workflows. “As a trusted provider of business software systems both in Romania and abroad, we deliver specific functionalities for all HR functions, starting from personnel administration, payroll, and ending with recruitment and performance management,” affirms Mihai Gavan, Global Sales Director Charisma HCM of the company. A mainstay in this field for over 20 years, the company has remained a close observer of HR challenges. This has motivated TotalSoft to develop Charisma HCM in a way that it can empower the HR department and serve employees efficiently.

In its bid to reduce redundant tasks for HR professionals and make information easily accessible to the users, TotalSoft provides a personal virtual assistant (chatbot) named Timea.

As a trusted provider both in Romania and abroad, we deliver specific functionalities for all HR functions, starting from personnel administration, payroll, and ending with recruitment and performance management

It allows employees to make text-type conversations, fulfill their requirements, generate official documents, or submit vacation applications. Using Timea, which is available to employees 24/7, the HR department can reduce time spent on repetitive tasks by more than 40 percent and invest it tending to other crucial business affairs. Also, considering that Facebook Messenger, Teams, and WhatsApp are the most used communication platforms, TotalSoft has made Timea accessible to employees through them too. Like any other friend on Facebook or WhatsApp, employees can connect with Timea on these platforms and fulfill their requirements.

At the same time, with TotalSoft’s electronic signature solution in place, clients do not have to invest time in traveling to their headquarters and legal authorities to amend or sign labor contracts.
The HR specialist can generate new contracts or update the existing ones in Charisma HCM and begin the electronic signature flow. Employees will receive the documents via mail and sign them with an authorized signature from certSIGN, which will be valid for a specific period of time. In this process, each party is notified every time the documents are signed and, when the process is finalized, the company can send the electronically signed contracts to the Territorial Labor Inspectorate. The high-level traceability of the entire process makes the solution safe and secure. Also, it serves the best in times like the current COVID-19 pandemic as it requires no physical contact.

TotalSoft’s collaboration with an oil and gas customer is a testimony to its ability to provide best-in-business software solutions. It was found that the client, comprising 3.500 white and blue-collar employees, made 7.000 interactions with Timea in the first month of its launch. With Timea’s support in place, the time taken by HR to resolve employee issues reduced significantly. Also, employees no longer had to travel to the headquarters to get their queries answered. TotalSoft’s chatbot and e-signature support did it all.

Building upon such success stories, TotalSoft will continue to offer more software solutions to further empower the HR department. It will also assist its clients ceaselessly in optimizing the work from home approach in the best way possible.
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Mihai Gavan, Global Sales Director Charisma HCM

TotalSoft provides business software systems (ERP, HCM, CRM, and BI) in Central and Eastern Europe. The company has a team of over 550 specialists and projects in 45 countries, on 4 continents. Its top products, Charisma ERP and Charisma HCM are market leaders in Romania, with application in nine business verticals: financial, retail, distribution, production, services, construction, agriculture, energy, and medical