MobieTrain: Boosting Performance with Micro-learning

Guy Van Neck, CEO, MobieTrainGuy Van Neck, CEO
It is surprising, yet true; 80 percent of employees forget what they learn after a month. Adding fuel to the knowledge crisis is the amount of domain-specific facts that each employee has to learn in a short time, which can prove overwhelming. The traditional training model is no longer sufficient for organizations focused on bridging this knowledge gap. MobieTrain meets the challenge head-on, with their mobile-first, micro-learning platform that delivers short bursts of training that boosts knowledge retention in only 5 minutes per day. “We provide an affordable, user-friendly, mobile learning platform that revolutionizes training,” says Guy Van Neck, CEO of MobieTrain.

MobieTrain’s micro-learning platform makes learning fun and engaging. The solution comprises three components, with the first being the Content Management System. The CMS empowers customers to transform their own learning content into mobile learning paths that can take anything from a week to six months to complete. They can tailor the content around the amount of training needed on any topic from customer service, selling techniques, retail tips and tricks and more.

The second component is a web application that delivers this training content to employees on any device, anywhere. It combines micro-learning and gamification to engage and empower employees to drive their own development. MobieTrain has developed an inbuilt knowledge retention algorithm through which knowledge is refreshed after certain intervals, to ensure the training is remembered and applied.

As a company, MobieTrain is first focused on the retail industry, as the knowledge crisis is prevalent here.

We provide a user-friendly, affordable, mobile-learning platform that revolutionizes training and makes learning fun again

Stores are challenged to provide a consistently good customer experience, and this means training a diverse and mobile workforce on an ever-changing topic base. That is why the third component of MobieTrain’s solution is a comprehensive dashboard that gives management mirror insight into exactly what is happening at their stores.

MobieTrain’s dashboard provides business-critical data and insights into activity and engagement levels in order to clearly showcase knowledge gaps within the organization.

Personal learning paths can then be used to address the knowledge gaps and training needs of each individual and, based on that result; employees can be given additional coaching or face-to-face training.

One notable instance where MobieTrain’s expertise came to the fore was for a big fashion retailer. They are distributors for more than 40 different big brands in the Middle East and Africa and didn’t want to reinvent the wheel on customer service and selling techniques within their brands. The CEO of the company wanted a distribution tool and some general content that would work across all of their brands, so as to easily monitor the selling and customer service techniques. MobieTrain rolled out training modules for their 7800 retail fashion employees across the Middle East and Africa on behalf of more than 30 different brands to constantly monitor and optimize their training based on these parameters.

Over the coming years, MobieTrain plans to integrate social learning and chat functionality, so that employees not only learn via the learning paths but also in a structured and gamified way. An AI-powered news feed is another inclusion in their platform that will bring it to the next level. The news feed is GDPR compliant and can be tailored according to the client’s information for the respective stores. “Also on the cards are integrations with LMS or HR systems and incorporating AR and VR, the possibilities are endless,” concludes the CEO.