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Dr. Csaba Mester, CEO, Evolution ConsultingDr. Csaba Mester, CEO
With the aim to offer innovative HR solutions, Evolution Consulting has developed a full-fledged HR management software—hrMaster. The solution can cater to the needs of both small companies and large enterprises owing to its focus on innovation, scalability, complexity, modularity, and pricing elasticity.

In an interview with HR Tech Outlook, Dr. Mester Csaba, CEO of Evolution Consulting, uncovers several interesting insights about his organization’s HR tech solutions and services, unique value proposition, and roadmap for the future.

Can you elaborate on the challenges that you are helping your clients address in the market?

Organizations of all sizes are facing a shortage of qualified workforce. In addition, there is a longstanding challenge of retention of the best employees. To that end, HR teams, senior executives, and HR service companies are busy hunting for talent. From their perspective, the market changed significantly with the introduction of technologies, where the employers have to make extra efforts to find and retain talents. Adding to their woes is the mix of X-Y-Z generations that have completely different demands from the companies. So, improving employee experience and easing HR administration has become a top priority.

In such a scenario, It becomes essential for the top management and HR departments to make use of IT-powered tools to concentrate on their most valuable asset—the human workforce. This is where Evolution Consulting’s hrMaster can play a key role. As a complete HR solution, hrMaster can be tailored to each client’s customized needs. The solution enables companies to store the basic data of employees in a centralized location, so reflecting any change in employee data becomes instant and easy.

The purpose of hrMaster is to support every HR process independently so as to avoid the need for standalone applications. This is a huge advantage over fragmented systems as hrMaster does not require separate interfaces, hence provides a more stable and consistent user experience. Each of the modules is carefully designed to address the issues of CEOs, HR executives, HR staff, and employees.

Can you give us an in-depth view of what hrMaster can do?

hrMaster allows HR executives and the top management to track all the information, from employee personal data to attendance to leave management. The solution also helps employees access, edit their personal information and monitor their leave approval process. All of these varied functions are carried out by dedicated modules. The basic module, personnel register, stores employee data and documents and enables employees to update their data during onboarding, tenure, and exit. The document management module is designed for intelligent scanning and storage of electronic documents to generate work documents based on templates. The solution offers working time and holiday management solutions where full training and assessment management activities can also be carried out easily.

Several modules of hrMaster enable employee evaluation processes supporting the assessments between a leader-employee and a 360-grade evaluation involving different groups. Clients can tailor the evaluation process based on their teams and parameters. We approach evaluation processes on a project basis. Feedbacks can be made at any frequency adapting to the company’s capabilities: they can run short but frequent feedback processes or build a more complex, less frequent evaluation methodology if they believe it is better.

The purpose of hrMaster is to support every HR process independently so as to avoid the need for standalone applications

On the other hand, the recruitment-selection module provides users with a customizable career page that they can seamlessly integrate into their website. This allows clients to easily manage the entire selection process with unique and customized selection processes for each search, which differentiates hrMaster from other solutions. The range of data requested on the registration data sheet can also be changed per position. Concerning the timesheet module, clients can track daily tasks that can be reported to projects. The organizational structure and the cost center structure can be interconnected to create a matrix organizational structure. The integrated approach is also reflected in the system’s unified rights management, which gives firms the ability to accurately define functions for the various employee groups. More importantly, hrMaster provides a special reporting module that allows the user to compile their reports.

We have recently added two new modules: employee feedback and employee communication. The employee feedback module enables colleagues to provide immediate feedback to each other regardless of their position in the company’s hierarchy. With simple, fast, to-the-point messages, even with a quick ‘thank you’, colleagues can appreciate the efforts of others or suggest a development plan pertaining to the current situation. Based on the corporate culture, the module can act as an add-on to the evaluation process or even as a replacement of it. Similarly, the employee communications module brings the employer and the employees closer. It enables one-way as well as two-way communications for information sharing within the organisation. The solution also acts a professional replacement for social media tools. It transfers information into the working community in an efficient way and engages to take action.

Could you share a specific customer success story in which your clients have benefitted from your solution?

For a number of our smaller clients, we succeeded in achieving a breakthrough in their previous Excel-based records. We also supported the involvement of their employees in personnel processes by building a self-service model. This not only simplified the task of their HR staff easier and increased the time spent on real-life interpersonal relationships but also improved the employee experience. Pertaining to large clients, in an instance, we smoothly transitioned from a multinational HR software to a company operating in two different sectors from the GE group. Now the processes are more transparent, simpler, customizable and with successful data migration.

What are the unique factors that differentiate Evolution Consulting?

hrMaster contains HR processes that help companies develop an effective operating model. We are continuously improving the processes according to market feedback, but we can implement the system very quickly and efficiently, resulting in significant advances in our customers’ HR activities. We can also implement custom developments, on demand.

What does the roadmap hold for Evolution Consulting?

We aim to expand our partner circle by several times, which provides a sufficient basis for keeping our system up to date. Related services are also being developed to provide highly customer-oriented services. Since the system can be used in several languages, we are continually expanding the localization as a cloud-based solution. We want to be accessible to anyone and be attractive regardless of geographic conditions.

Besides, the functional expansion of the system is continuous. We respond swiftly to business needs and integrate newer features into the existing modules, every year. We put great emphasis on streamlined implementation of the system and support so that clients can use the system quickly.
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Evolution Consulting

Evolution Consulting

Budapest, Hungary

Dr. Csaba Mester, CEO

With its hrMaster software, Evolution Consulting is customizing HR solutions, bringing a refined definition to complex software solutions and providing a 360-degree evaluation of multiple dimensions. The hrMaster software records and stores employee data in one place without duplicate records. The HR system saves a considerable amount of money and helps an organization stay updated about the company employees. The software can eliminate repetitive tasks such as report creation on excel and replace it with automatic sheet generation. With the hrMaster, HR professionals can upload the employee document library and access it with a single click